stop and smell the roses


Hi, I’m Dorothy.

I’m your typical young professional whose mind is constantly going, from the second my eyes open in the morning to the moment my head hits the pillow at night. Ugh, so sleepy. Did I get that deliverable done? What should I make for dinner tonight? Hmm, I have leftovers in the fridge. Is that jacket still on sale? I’ll give them a call tonight and put it on hold if it is. Jenny still didn’t text me back to confirm our lunch plans tomorrow – need to follow up. Crap, 13 seconds left on the pedestrian signal – can I make this intersection?

I find that with so much noise around me, I struggle to properly manage the 24/7 soundtrack in my mind. I have a tendency to let life pass me by because I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t celebrate my wins and I mope over my losses.

I’ve made it a goal this year to stop and to smell the roses more often.

This blog is a way for me to honour life’s little (and big!) moments. My adventures in this crazy, wild world. Celebrations with the amazing people I have the honour of calling my friends. Any conflicts or challenges that I need to work through, alone or with others. Books I’ve read. Music I’ve danced to.

I’m committed to doing better – whether that’s in my career, in my personal relationships, in health and wellness, and in everything else.


What do you do?
I studied political science and entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University and will start working in IT risk advisory at a global professional services firm later this year.

Where are you from?
Vancouver, BC, Canada! I am ethnically Chinese.

Favourite city that you’ve travelled to?
Nice, France. Without a doubt.

What are you eating in your sidebar photo?
Mango bingsoo from Snowy Village. Sooo tasty. Highly recommended if you are a mango lover like me.